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Business Apps  /  Streamline and automate your business processes.

Spend less time on admin work and more time servicing repeat business.

Business Apps by Kadabra Marketing NZ

Sick of spending time on mundane admin tasks at work? We can develop and customise web applications for your business which can streamline your business processes, thus saving you time and money.

Some of the functionality includes automated invoicing, quote creation, automated payment reminders, appointment booking, automated marketing and more. If there's a problem particular to your industry, then talk to us and we'll customise an app too your needs.

Having everything (customers, their past orders, their billing info, your tasks, your website stats, email etc) on one screen just a click away is great for freeing up time for you and your staff. Time that can then be used to drive up more sales and provide better customer service. If you have an e-commerce business, then you really need to check this piece of kit out however, the apps work great for brick and mortar businesses too.

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