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Even the fastest car won't get anywhere without a destination.

Marketing Strategy by Kadabra Marketing NZ

Many businesses fail to implement a strong, all encompassing marketing strategy despite it being as important as having a business plan. People don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan.

Our qualified marketing consultants will create for you a detailed marketing strategy based on research and analysis conducted around your business.

This research will show you who your target market currently is as well as who you should be aiming at as well as how to get to them and convert them into paying customers. We will show you a multitude of avenues you can use and advise you on the most effective plan of attack.

We, at Kadabra, aren't just planners, we are also do-ers, which means that we are able to execute our marketing plans for you for a fraction of the cost a full time marketer would cost you.

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